Rebuild Frameworks & Strategies To Navigate Regulatory, Data, Tech & Sustainability Expectations

Rigorous & Resilient Risk & Compliance Strategies For Financial Services During Unprecedented Uncertainty, Change & Disruption

25th April 2023, One America Square, central London

08:30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

9:30 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Leanne Bridges, Head of Intelligent Control, Nationwide Building Society


Key Updates

09.10 Build Competitive, Compliant & Sustainable Frameworks For ESG In Financial Services & Meet The Increasing Needs Of Customers, Regulators & Stakeholders

  • Regulatory expectations around ESG are sky-high, but how can evolving regulations be navigated to ensure business compliance?
  • Differentiation with ESG offerings is a clear commercial opportunity, but how can accusations of greenwashing be avoided and the associated reputational risks?
  • ESG is a three-letter word! Ensure your ESG frameworks effectively cover all three strands and develop powerful company messages that resonate with both investors and colleagues
  • How can we ensure that finance providers and their customers have sufficient focus on the risks of ESG and potential impacts on their businesses?

09.10 James Cashmore, Chief Risk Officer, OakNorth Bank

09.30 Monika Dissen, Director, Strategy, Change & Oversight, ESG, Deutsche Bank


Key Updates

09.50 Boost Resilience & Ensure Business Continuity In The Face Of Disruption With Unshakeable Operational Models & Strategies  

  • How can gaps in existing models and frameworks be identified and built upon to ensure compliance and mitigate against potential business disruption?
  • External shocks are the new normal, so how can external pressures be effectively built into existing resilience frameworks?
  • How can FS drive greater focus on operational resilience around third parties to mitigate potential risks?

Sarah Garrington, Operational Resilience Lead, Fidelity International




10.10 Keep Pace With Rapidly-Changing Regulatory & Financial Environments Through Effective Tech & AI Adoption That Deliver Real Risk-Mitigation Results

  • With regulatory changes coming faster than ever, how can AI and automation be harnessed to simplify changes and ensure compliance
  • Reduce risks around AI, machine learning and cloud tech implementation and effectively balance organisational support with regulatory compliance
  • What future updates in tech, AI and the cloud will disrupt risk and compliance teams in the near future?

Paul Clulow-Phillips, Managing Director – Global Head of Surveillance, Société Générale

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Key Updates

11.10 Drive Compliance Across All Aspects Of The Customer Journey Through Tailored Consumer Duty Processes That Match Regulatory Expectations

  • With reporting on the horizon, how can customer outcomes and practices be effectively measured and reported across all stages of the customer journey?
  • How can the adoption and implementation of big data practices address requirements around consumer duty and ensure regulatory compliance?
  • Ensure a holistic approach to consumer duty and outcomes and go beyond process tweaks to power a customer-first culture throughout the business

Morgan Vessier, Chief Risk Officer, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

11.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

New For 2023




12.00 Navigate Uncertainty, Insecurity & Instability In Geopolitics To Protect Consumers & The Business Against Potential Risks From Economic & Political Shocks

  • From Covid to cost of living: what lessons have been taken away from geopolitical impacts on businesses in recent years and how can these be applied to protect against emerging geopolitical risks?
  • How can geopolitical risks be built into stress testing practices to prepare effectively for potential future shocks?
  • With uncertainty and instability here to stay in the near future, how can the necessary agility be embedded in teams and frameworks to react quickly to future disruptions?

Shona Sandhu, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Citadel Securities Europe

Samaroha Das, Director of IT Risk, Metro Bank

Antonello Russo, EMEA Head of Risk Management, ETF & Index Investments, BlackRock



12.30    Identify Threats & Ensure Business & Customer Protection From Ever-More Advanced Cyber Threats

  • Invest in the tech and tools needed to protect vulnerabilities in the business and ensure resilience in the face of cyber threats
  • As ransomware and other security threats become ever more sophisticated, how can FS ensure they keep pace and build defences that match the threats faced from attackers?
  • How can financial services mitigate potential risks from third-party cyber security breaches?


Case Study

12.50    The Strategic Importance Of Model Risk Management (MRM) Is Higher Than Ever, And With The Publication Of The Prudential Risk Authority (PRA) Consultation Paper CP6/22, The Scope Of MRM Is Set To Expand Further. This Presentation Seeks To Highlight Inter Alia, The Following: 

  • Educating the Board on the rigours of MRM 
  • Learn to adapt to the CP6/22 regulations, ensuring compliance as well as use to manage model risk 
  • Best practices in the development of a model risk appetite (MRA) statement including the creation of Level 1 and Level 2 metrics for understanding, managing, and mitigating model risk 
  • Preparing the Board to effectively implement a robust model risk governance framework based on industry best practices 
  • Reporting on MRA metrics 
  • Understanding model complexity and model uncertainty, and to tailor MRA metrics incorporating these variables 

Suresh Sankaran, Head of Model Risk Governance, Metro Bank (UK)

13.10 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.40 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

a) Vulnerable Customers

Martin Cornhouse, Regional Chief Compliance Officer, AIG UK & Talbot

b) Data Management

Simon Pistell, Chief Risk Officer, Legal & General Capital, Legal & General

c) Diversity & Inclusion in Risk & Compliance

d) Cryptocurrency

14.10 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Rupert Macinnes, Chief Counsel, Head of Legal, Compliance & External Affairs & Board Member, Capital One UK

Lydia Buttinger, Global Head of Shared Services, Risk & Compliance, abrdn 




14.20 Drive Trust & Security Throughout The Business & Boost Ownership & Responsibility Internally For Powerful Processes That Drive Risk Cultures

  • What practical risk culture strategies can assist colleagues in interacting with constantly changing regulations to ensure understanding and compliance throughout the business
  • How can tech and AI support in developing risk cultures and avoiding risk-averse mindsets through streamlining controls, processes and data capture for colleagues?
  • With culture a notoriously difficult thing to measure and define, what key metrics and methods should be focused on to define the strength of internal risk cultures?

Aurore Lecanon, Chief Risk Officer, Direct Line Group

David Cox, Head of Financial Crime & Compliance Advisory, Lloyd’s

Sophie Rutherford, Managing Director, EMEA Head of FX Business Risk, State Street

Holly Crawford, Head of Group Centre Compliance, Aviva

Debbie Matthews, Global Head of Regulatory Engagement, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

Hari Mohanan, Head Assurance, Operational Risk, Systems & Data, Standard Chartered Bank

14.50 The Practical Application of Behavioural Economics 

James Godwin, Head of Compliance CIB, Danske Bank

15:15  Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner




15.45     Drive Business Resilience In The Face Of The Climate Crisis & Effectively Stress Test Portfolios To Mitigate Against Future Risks

  • As the emerging science of climate risk develops and matures, what data points should FS be collecting to strengthen models and embed climate risks in risk management frameworks?
  • What risk could emerge for financial services from climate litigation, and what steps can be taken to mitigate against these?
  • The nature of climate risk is changing constantly, so how can FS institutions prepare effectively when the future is so uncertain?

Paul Barrett, Chief Risk Officer & Climate Risk SMF, AIG UK

Karen Wilkinson, Global Head, Climate Risk & Net Zero, Oversight, Standard Chartered Bank


16:15 Proactively Protect Consumers From Financial Crime & Develop Stringent, Tech-Driven AML Processes To Disrupt Criminal Activity

  • What key trends in AML and financial crime should FS focus on, and how can emerging risks be built into existing frameworks to protect customers and the business?
  • As virtual asset transactions gain popularity, how can customer protections be put in place to track transactions and reduce fraud risks?
  • Define the key tech and tools to push back against financial crime and proactively protect consumers from risks

16.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


17:05 Strengthen & Revitalise ERM Frameworks & Identify Gaps In Current Strategies, Alleviate Threats & Mitigate Potential Risks

  • Deliver robust ERM frameworks and controls to cultivate risk informed decision making throughout the business
  • How can frameworks be designed with sufficient flexibility to react to a rapidly changing regulatory landscape?
  • Ensure frameworks interlink seamlessly across multiple risk and compliance areas and design controls that cut across inter-connected areas


Emma Hagan, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, ClearBank®


17.25 Protect Customers & The Business From Data & Security Threats With Stringent & Effective Risk Management Practices Around Critical Third-Parties

  • What tools and processes can ensure early detection of potential third-party breaches and ensure uninterrupted cyber protection for the business and customers?
  • With geopolitical risk around the world, how can we mitigate against risks and impacts from third parties affected by global instability?
  • What potential regulatory updates around third-party risks should financial services be preparing for?

17.45  Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference