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We are a thought-leading SaaS & enterprise software company for collaborations systems.

Our core competency is our expert understanding of enterprise systems, data and processes in organizations, and developing technology for digital transformation. We develop software for improving adoption & governance for collaboration systems and financial matter management. Our unique approach enables organizations to place content in the right place while applying governance.

We empower organizations to better compete through:

  • Significant increases in profitability
  • Meaningful improvements to client experiences
  • Higher user adoption of systems
  • Reliable organizational and client risk reduction

Our technology takes clients through a journey to organizational maturity, resulting in an enterprise-wide digital transformation. This is evident from our 300+ customers across finance, pharmaceutical, many global corporations, and the Big Four. We are a leader in legal with customers from 50% of G20 and AmLaw 200, 64% of AmLaw 100, and 25% of UK Top 20.