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Aptean Respond is an enterprise case and complaints management platform that supports every role in your customer experience team – from frontline agents and case managers to team leaders and executives.

Through configurable workflows and user-friendly dashboards, Respond empowers your team to improve customer interactions, accelerate case resolution, and capture actionable insights to provide an outstanding customer experience.



Behavox is the gold standard for enterprise risk and compliance solutions. Its AI-powered technology helps global banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms identify bad actors quickly and accurately, preventing massive fines and company-debilitating crises. Its solutions uncover financial regulatory misconduct like insider trading, collusion, and market manipulation as well as HR-related misconduct, such as racism, sexual harassment, and discrimination. As an award-winning team of innovators and industry experts, Behavox has a reputation for successfully implementing the largest, most complex, global projects in the market. Customers rely on Behavox as an indispensable extension of their teams. They depend on Behavox to protect the integrity of their operations and preserve the trust of their clients. Founded in 2014, Behavox is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Montreal, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Tokyo, London, and Abu Dhabi.




MCO (MyComplianceOffice) provides compliance management software that enables companies around the world to reduce their risk of misconduct. Our powerful platform lets compliance professionals demonstrate they are proactively managing the regulated activities of employees, third-party vendors and other agents of the firm. Available as a unified suite or à la carte, our easy-to-use and extensible SaaS-based solutions get clients up and running quickly and cost-efficiently. We’ve built our passion and proficiency for compliance automation into every product, empowering clients of all sizes to maximize technology to minimize conduct risk.



Leveraging the power of AI, MetricStream is the global market leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and Integrated Risk Management solutions, providing the most comprehensive solutions for Enterprise and Operational Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Internal Audit, IT and Cyber Risk and Third-Party Risk Management on one single integrated platform.




We are a thought-leading SaaS and enterprise software company for collaborations systems.

Our core competency is our expert understanding of enterprise systems, data and processes in organizations, and developing technology for digital transformation. We develop software for improving adoption & governance for collaboration systems and financial matter management. Our unique approach enables organizations to place content in the right place while applying governance.

We empower organizations to better compete through:

  • Significant increases in profitability
  • Meaningful improvements to client experiences
  • Higher user adoption of systems
  • Reliable organizational and client risk reduction

Our technology takes clients through a journey to organizational maturity, resulting in an enterprise-wide digital transformation. This is evident from our 300+ customers across finance, pharmaceutical, many global corporations, and the Big Four. We are a leader in legal with customers from 50% of G20 and AmLaw 200, 64% of AmLaw 100, and 25% of UK Top 20.




Having the right tools to navigate complex regulation has never been more important.  Developed by regulatory specialists, Single Rulebook is an integrated software solution that enables you to search, share and manage regulatory rules on one digital platform.

Interactive rule maps provide visual guidance on interdependent regulation for every single article, allowing you to understand correlations and relationships between regulatory rules without leaving the platform.

Single Rulebook can be easily integrated into your existing policies, systems and controls from your browser using our no-code API saving you time and providing the whole team with traceability and access to the most relevant information.

Call: +44 (0)203 912 3300


Workiva Inc. (NYSE: WK) simplifies complex work for thousands of organisations worldwide. We help connect your finance, accounting, risk and compliance teams, processes and data in a single, completely secure cloud platform. By centralising your reporting and compliance processes on one platform we help you get your work done much faster with less effort and less risk. That’s why more than 3,500 companies around the world use Workiva for many mission-critical reporting and compliance applications, including SEC and other regulatory reports, SOX, audit and risk management, statutory reporting, tax, ESG and more.