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Everbridge serves as a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider offering enterprise software applications that automate and accelerate organisations’ operational response to natural, manmade and digital crises (which we call “critical events”) to keep people safe and businesses running, allowing them to operationalise their response to Operational Resilience and DORA.  Our Critical Event Management (CEM) solution enables financial organisations to manage the full lifecycle of a critical event. We help organisations protect the things they care about from the things they worry about, for both physical and digital. Everbridge’s solution leverages tens of thousands of continually updated risk data elements — all curated through a “single pane of glass” visualisation, combined with machine learning and automation.  With industry-leading redundancy, scalability, and uptime, the Everbridge platform reaches over two billion people in more than 200 countries. Over 6,000 global customers rely on Everbridge to keep their people safe and organisations running in anticipation of, or amid, critical events.

Ideagen help the safe hands and trusted voices that protect organisations to minimise risk, strengthen compliance and keep people safe.

Effective and efficient audit and risk management. Be more resilient and risk aware, from board level to the front line. Ideagen gives audit and risk management teams the modern, intuitive systems they need to work more effectively. Whatever your industry or jurisdiction, make it easier for audit and risk professionals to guide your business with their expertise:

  • Deliver impactful reports that are timely and consistent.
  • Understand the positive and negative impact of risk on your company’s goals – and turn it to your advantage.
  • Connect the data in your audit and risk universe for a more accurate and strategic view of risk.

iGrafx is the global leader in process intelligence and process management, helping deliver the business processes of the future, today. Our Process360 Live platform allows organizations to discover, design, and optimize their business processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. More than 2,000 customers worldwide are realizing value with iGrafx.

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IGX are a leading solutions provider specialising in swift and effective implementations, primarily within the realms of Risk, Compliance, and Operational Excellence. At IGX, we harness cutting-edge technologies alongside our proven delivery approach and integrated methodologies to consistently achieve exceptional outcomes. Clients choose IGX for our distinctive approach, focused on delivering rapid return on investment and prompt delivery of value.

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance® helps you forge a clear path to compliance. 

With LexisNexis® content know-how at the core, our compliance registers, alerts, and information-driven solutions make compliance uncomplicated for GRC professionals across the globe. 

  • Find relevant obligations faster with jargon-free registers that are aligned to your business processes. 
  • Stay up to date with near-real time alerts delivered straight to your inbox when you may be impacted by regulatory change.
  • Explore your compliance obligations under a particular regulator, or a particular compliance source, with SourceData.
  • Engage with the wider compliance community and LexisNexis experts through the Community Portal, our self-support platform.
  • Access comprehensive, current LexisNexis® content that meets your unique needs, with key core modules relevant to all businesses, and a rapid accelerating roadmap of industry-specific modules that guide your path to compliance. 

Authored by leading legal, attorney and industry experts, and supported by flexible technology that works the way you do, LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance gives you peace of mind while saving time, and money.

NICE is the worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to make smarter decisions based on advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data. NICE helps organizations of all sizes deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud and safeguard citizens. Over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies, are using NICE solutions.

Quark knows content and has been providing content automation, intelligence and design software for over 40 years. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, our end-to-end content lifecycle management solution for financial services companies, simplifies enterprise content complexity by streamlining and automating content planning, creation, XML-based structured authoring, collaboration, omnichannel publishing and AI-driven analytics using one central CCMS (component content management system) platform.

QPP NextGen is ideal for highly regulated content types and use cases including investment prospectuses, fund marketing documents, standard operating procedures and more, giving the unique choice for content writers and KYC subject-matter experts to use their familiar Microsoft Word software or use a web browser interface to author structured, reusable and compliant content without any XML training.

RiskXchange stands as your premier ally in navigating the complexities of cyber risk and compliance, safeguarding businesses and their digital treasures.
With our holistic 360° perspective on your digital ecosystem, including supply chains, we offer not just surveillance but a strategic advantage. Through continuous monitoring and integrated assessments, we empower organizations to proactively identify, evaluate, and manage cyber risks and compliance, ensuring your operations remain unbreached.

Tailored specifically for the discerning needs of senior compliance and risk officers in the financial sector, our solutions provide the critical tools and insights required to steer through the ever-evolving landscape of cyber risks and compliance with confidence.
Unlock the potential to transform your approach to risk and compliance management.

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The proliferation of communication platforms and electronic records has made identifying and mitigating compliance violations a challenge for modern businesses. Organisations need solutions that enable them to capture, search and produce the right content, at the right time. They also need to be able to demonstrate that their policies governing the usage of electronic communications are working as designed. Without the right technology, businesses are opening themselves up to the risk of non-compliance.

For over two decades, Smarsh has enabled organisations of all sizes to quickly and easily meet their record retention and oversight obligations with industry-leading technology that allows them to manage the risk and see the value in their communications data. These include mandates from FINRA, SEC, FFIEC, CFTC, NFA, EU (MiFID II), FCA, IIROC and other industry-specific governing bodies around the world. Our capture, archiving, surveillance supervision and e-discovery solutions enable our customers to focus on innovation and growth, while seamlessly dealing with communications compliance. And our advanced capabilities (available on a per channel basis) ensure our customers can carry out proactive compliance measures for specific channels with real-time monitoring, blocking and alerting.

When the leading banks in North America, Europe and Asia, along with leading brokerage firms, insurers, and registered investment advisors want a unified communication warehouse solution offering that has the ability to capture all forms of digital communications, both text and voice, store them and then analyse them through advanced NLP models to gain valuable business intelligence, they talk to Smarsh.

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Smart Communications provides the platform that leading organizations trust to deliver personalized, consistent and compliant conversations across all touchpoints and channels. The Conversation Cloud™ helps over 650 enterprise organizations across the globe simplify and automate complex processes and deliver highly secure, frictionless experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Wordwatch is an innovative solution that seamlessly ingests, manages, and delivers both legacy and live interaction recordings from any platform, including voice, IM, email and SMS. Consolidating this data into a centralised “single pane of glass” portal and empowering businesses to generate more value from it.

Organisations that implement Wordwatch into their business benefit from user-friendly access to features that help streamline architecture, manage risk, demonstrate compliance and generate more value from their interaction data. Wordwatch is a robust platform developed over many years, supported by experienced engineers to the highest standards over the entire solution lifecycle.