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Custodia are global compliance technology experts in voice, video, and instant message recording, specialised in the financial services sector. They provide full end-to-end compliance management services for both on-premise and cloud in more than 100 countries. Custodia are vendor independent experts, with the capability to capture, record, store, and analyse voice recording data to meet current and emerging regulatory needs of their global market financial players.

Custodia’s technology service designed by communications' recording experts ranges from installation and migration, through to support, software development and recording of all forms of communication including video and voice. The CC1 (Compliance Cloud One) SaaS turnkey cloud recording service is based on compliance and technology expertise as well as a vendor agnostic approach.

CC1 ensures compliance obligations with strong controls, evidences of accurate end-to-end recording for regulated institutions. Financial institutions can personalise the communication recording services to their specific needs by choosing from a portfolio of industry-proven processes and purpose-built tools that thoroughly validate their recording. With the help of Custodia, clients are able to respond to the challenges of a hybrid working environment with a service supporting the recording and retrieving communication from on-prem systems as well as cloud systems.



Castlepoint is the only system in the world that tells you what information you have, where it is, and who is doing what to it – as well as what risk or value it has, what rules apply, and whether they are being met. It is relied upon by Executives, governance and compliance teams, auditors, and IT security to help them meet their obligations, boost productivity, and reduce enterprise risk. It addresses the entire information governance lifecycle through a single pane of glass.

It does this completely invisibly to general users, and with no impacts on source systems or data. It can be implemented in only hours, and hand you control and oversight of all your information, in any format, in every system.

Castlepoint is trusted by some of the largest governments and corporations globally and has been recognised with major awards for information management, cyber security, records management, and AI innovation.


One platform, many solutions  

Software for your risk, compliance and audit programs.  Decision Focus evolves easily via simple button push configuration tools. A cloud native platform with a 'no code' approach. All you need is a vision, not software engineers, to tailor the software to your specific needs.

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Language Weaver, part of the RWS Group, is the world's most powerful, comprehensive, and adaptable neural machine translation platform. Language Weaver helps law firms, financial institutions, regulatory bodies and commercial enterprises to solve multilingual data and content challenges, securely and at scale, across the global organization. Language Weaver is the only complete solution, blending the best of innovative AI technologies with human expertise to take you the last mile in machine translation to translate more content, more accurately and in less time. 



LexisNexis is strengthening the response of governance, risk and compliance functions to the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory environment by applying world-class legal expertise to a new technology solution: LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance.

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance is an always up-to-date obligations register. It offers concise guidance on exactly which regulations you should follow and how to be compliant with them. Real-time alerts ensure that, when legislation changes, you know what to do about it. We advise you on exactly which action to take, why to take it and what the consequences are of non‑compliance.

The law isn’t getting simpler. The journey towards managing your company’s regulatory risk starts here.


The proliferation of communication platforms and electronic records has made identifying and mitigating compliance violations a challenge for modern businesses. Organisations need solutions that enable them to capture, search and produce the right content, at the right time. They also need to be able to demonstrate that their policies governing the usage of electronic communications are working as designed. Without the right technology, businesses are opening themselves up to the risk of non-compliance.

For over two decades, Smarsh has enabled organisations of all sizes to quickly and easily meet their record retention and oversight obligations with industry-leading technology that allows them to manage the risk and see the value in their communications data. These include mandates from FINRA, SEC, FFIEC, CFTC, NFA, EU (MiFID II), FCA, IIROC and other industry-specific governing bodies around the world. Our capture, archiving, surveillance supervision and e-discovery solutions enable our customers to focus on innovation and growth, while seamlessly dealing with communications compliance. And our advanced capabilities (available on a per channel basis) ensure our customers can carry out proactive compliance measures for specific channels with real-time monitoring, blocking and alerting.

When the leading banks in North America, Europe and Asia, along with leading brokerage firms, insurers, and registered investment advisors want a unified communication warehouse solution offering that has the ability to capture all forms of digital communications, both text and voice, store them and then analyse them through advanced NLP models to gain valuable business intelligence, they talk to Smarsh.

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StarCompliance is the world’s leading provider of compliance technology solutions. Trusted globally by forward-thinking companies in 114 countries, Star's future-ready compliance platform delivers on-demand configurability, multi-jurisdictional integrity, and the actionable intelligence you need to monitor for conflicts, meet regulatory obligations, and reduce risk. Compliance no longer needs to be complex. Check out Star's intuitive, straightforward UX and give your employees the multi-layered protection they need to comply with confidence.



Verint is a passionate community working relentlessly to deliver new possibilities in customer engagement technology for the travel industry. We’ve been the industry pace setter since our inception more than 25 years ago, as demonstrated by a steady stream of innovations, patents and deep accumulated knowledge from processing nearly 10billion interactions per year. Almost 10,000 organisations in over 175 countries rely on Verint to adapt to the future of work, eliminate the inefficiencies created by organisational and data silos, and consistently deliver differentiated experiences at scale across every interaction. With Verint, brands can close the gap created when an organisation lacks the resources required to deliver the desired customer engagement on emerging or existing channels of choice. Closing this engagement capacity gap enables organisations working with Verint to build enduring relationships with customers and drive real business results, even during unpredictable times.